Thursday, December 15, 2011

I've gt all my schedule & fun in chck on my latest Samsung Galaxy W!! #MYGalaxyW

ade lagi u ols..

ni hah..

galaxy tab ni ha..

u ols pelik ke..

ni la name die chrup2..

kelaka x..huhu..

klau u ols klick..aku dapat 20 cent satu klick u ols..

ape kate kite try2 seposen..

try x baya pn..

jom join chrup2..

ni link aku..

yang samsung tu yg ni hoh..

cun la phulak galaxy S nih..

mne mau pileh..i phone ke samsung?lalala..

rase nk beli iPhone..mari tingok nehhh.... #MaxisiPhone4s

rase nk beli iPhone..mari tingok nehhh.... #MaxisiPhone4s

The most amazing iPhone is now here.

It’s faster, it’s sharper, it’s better. The iPhone 4s is now here - Kick off your coming new year with the latest addition in the iPhone series, the iPhone 4s.

Maxis is bringing you the iPhone 4s, which comes complete with a whole pack of revolutionary new features. From the much talked about Siri, to a dual-core A5 processor and all-new 8MP optics, your Maxis iPhone 4s will be the most powerful and enjoyable gadget yet.

Already tied up to another plan? No worries, because Maxis allows contract extension for your current Maxis plans. So what are you waiting for, with their iValue plans, Maxis is the one to go for!

CUn meLecuNNN..

Saturday, December 10, 2011

year end sale!!Better drip on dashboard..60% off yolll!!!

Get a better grip

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Isn’t it annoying to have your mobiles, GPS, sunglasses and other items slide off your dashboard whenever you drive? Worry no more.Now with the new Gekko Dashboard Manager, you can easily now organize your personal belongings in your car and also home.

The Gekko Dashboard Manager from DNAS Technologies was inspired by the original Gecko itself. Its revolutionary PU Gel is designed to help hold objects in place firmly and it’s also heat resistance.Organize your personal belongings today with the Gekko Dashboard Manager.

sign up dapat singgit??

yeke ni..
hehe..chrup2 ni buat aku nk test market la..
com coba..bukan pakai duit pn..
click2 dapat luit..
jom sharing is caring..hehehe..

singgit..singgit..Join #ChurpChurp today and bring more friends to the community!mai sechoba..